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  • How to reach Jamaica quick and easy - Airlines Open or Close


    From Europe

    You can find direct flights to Montego Bay from:
    * Germany (Cologne, Frankfurt, Munich)
    * UK (London, Birmingham, Manchester)
    * Sweden (Stockholm)
    * Belgium (Brussels)

    And to Kingston from the UK (London). Charter options are available with tour operators TUI and VING.

    From North America
    You can find direct flights to Montego Bay from all big airport cities like Toronto, Vancouver, Ottawa, Montreal, Quebec, Miami, New York, Orlando, Chicago, Boston, Los Angeles and more.
    And to Kingston from Toronto, New York and Miami, Orlando, Atlanta.


  • Requirements For Travel to Jamaica - Immigration Open or Close

    immigrationEveryone travelling to Jamaica must present a valid and approved travel document as evidence of their identity and nationality. The most common and preferred travel document is a passport, but other types of travel documents may also be accepted.
    All travellers need to present the following documents to officers for Immigration clearance:
    * a valid passport or other acceptable travel document
    * a valid visa or authority to enter Jamaica (including work permit, student permit, temporary permit)
    * a completed and signed Immigration Landing Card
    * visitors are also required to show evidence of sufficient funds to support themselves during their stay and be in possession of a return or round trip ticket to another country to which they are admissible.
    * anyone who arrives without a valid travel document, visa or authority to enter Jamaica, may be refused entry to Jamaica or delayed until their identity and claims to enter Jamaica have been confirmed.

  • How to get around the island - Transportation Open or Close

    transportationThe Island offer different way to go around and reach every city or village.

    For a comfortable transfer city to city we recommend the Knutsford Express:
    Montego Bay - Port Antonio:
    Direct bus with Wi-fi and water
    Mon-Sun H: 09.00 AM and 05.00 PM
    Tuesday and Wednesday ONLY H: 09.00 AM

    Kingston - Port Antonio:
    Direct bus with Wi-fi and water
    Mon-Sun H: 09.00 AM and 05.00 PM
    Tuesday and Wednesday ONLY H: 09.00 AM

    If you like a more private atmosphere you can rent a car for around 50usd per day. Or hire one of our "Trusted" Jamaican taxi driver. 

    For a full immersion in the Jamaican lifestyle we recommend to try the local transportation (Route taxi, Route bus), they literally go everywhere, and are never full. They go daily from Montego Bay, Ocho Rios and Kingston to Port Antonio.

  • Best time to visit Jamaica - Weather Open or Close


    The weather in Jamaica is the main reason why so many tourists flock to this beautiful island.

    The best time to visit Jamaica is anywhere from December to April (otherwise known as the dry season).
    During this time, the weather is at its best, and it allows you to have the best Jamaican vacation.

    Summer time: Jamaica's hurricane season begins on June 1st and ends on November 1st.
    The island is very weather friendly, and we have only had a few direct hurricane hits in the past ninety (90) years. The hottest months are the summer months of July and August. The average temperature for the summer is 88 °F. It’s also the best time in Jamaica to just relax on the beach, play beach volley ball, get a tan, or just go on a few excursions. You may experience a few rainy days, but for the most part, it’s the perfect outdoor climate for activities.

    Winter time: The coolest times in Jamaica are the winter months of December to February.
    The average temperature at this time is 75 °F. Winter temperatures vary with the summer temperatures by 10 °F to 23 °F. Remember our climate is cool and not cold.

    Spring time: March and April are considered our windy months. Jamaica experiences the most rain in May, June, October and November.
    Port Antonio, Kingston, Ochi Rios, Montego Bay and Negril are places that are known to receive quite a bit of relief rainfall from the mountains right throughout the year. These sprouts are followed by bright sunshine suitable for outdoor activities almost immediately.

  • The importance of Sustainable Tourism Open or Close

    Sustainable Tourism Sustainable tourism development is an important issue in today's society. As a tourist in Port Antonio is easy to contribute to sustainable tourism by choosing public transportation.
    To share a taxi is a matter of course, taxis running in fixed routes around the city.
    Port Antonio is known for its beautiful scenery, beaches and coffee plantations. On some beaches, it is possible and appreciated, to help with a donation, helping to keep the beaches clean.
    You can help the community by shopping with local producers, for example, Blue Mountain Coffee, Red Stripe beer and local fishermen selling "catch of the day" fish.
    Close to our house there is a Rasta shop selling home-grown organic vegetables, and fruit.

  • Understand Port Antonio today Open or Close


    Port Antonio is located on the north-eastern coast of the island. It is the oldest port city in Jamaica and, above all, the safest place on the whole island. Here lives about 14000 inhabitants and tourism is one of the main sources of income.

    Port Antonio has been overshadowed for the major tourist destinations like Montego Bay, Ocho Rios, Negril and the capital, Kingston.
    This part of the island has the most tropical environment, almost every day a short rain fall, creating a stunning vegetation and jungle.

    Port Antonio has also been a glamorous paradise image for Hollywood films such as 007, Lord of the Flies, and Cocktail Club Paradise is recorded in the area. The movie star Errol Flynn fell in love with the town and bought land along the coast in the 90s.
    Port Antonio is well known by both royal families, famous artists and actors as a fantastic holiday destination.

    Culture, food and music
    Port Antonio has a rich cultural life, especially for those interested in music. Every Sunday offers Port Antonio "Vinyl Sunday" which should, roots and reggae played live on old vinyl records from the older generations of legends. The bar is open to the street where both locals and the tourists get there dancing wildly together.

    Jamaica is world-renowned for their Jerk Chicken, who was born in Boston Bay in the heart of Portland Parish, where Port Antonio is the capital.
    There is a wide selection of locally produced fruit and vegetables to share and incomparable seafood caught locally every day.
    To experience the real Rastafarian kitchen look for  "ITAL FOOD" which means only a vegetarian diet.